It would be hard for most of us to imagine getting by without a car. Whether you just drive your car to run errands or you are a truck driver, construction worker, landscaper or city maintenance worker whose job depends on being able to drive, any type of traffic violation can have serious consequences. At the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., I help drivers throughout Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties), New York City and Upstate fight traffic and trucking violations. From my law firm in Garden City, I put my extensive criminal defense and prosecutorial experience to work for my clients, helping them resolve charges like:

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Failure to signal
  • Running a light or stop sign
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving while license suspended or revoked
  • Driving without a New York State license

I Help Truck Drivers Stay Behind The Wheel And Keep Their Jobs

As a commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder, you are held to a much higher standard than regular drivers. The slightest infraction may not mean just a license suspension: It could cost you your job.

My law firm can help you deal with any type of offense or regulatory violation you are facing, including:

  • Traffic violations like speeding, reckless driving, tailgating and unsafe lane changes
  • Overweight violations
  • Permit and regulatory violations
  • Equipment violations
  • General DOT violations
  • Hazardous material transportation

Before you admit anything, pay a fine or answer questions, contact a lawyer like me first. I can examine the details of your traffic stop, collect evidence and help you determine the best way to handle the charge. That may include going before a judge or using my findings to get charges reduced or dismissed. I am a former traffic prosecutor who worked at 16 Cooper Street for almost 8 years and I have the experience and knowledge to handle any and all traffic cases.

To learn more, call the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., at 516-385-2940 or 631-861-0000 to schedule a consultation with me. As my client, you will always work with me, an attorney dedicated to helping you effectively resolve these issues.