When you receive a speeding ticket, or are arrested for a charge like reckless driving, likely your first inclination is to do whatever you can to put the matter behind you. Simply paying a ticket or pleading guilty to a charge can have serious effects on your life. You could:

  • Lose your license
  • Pay expensive fines
  • Have to deal with rapidly increasing insurance rates
  • Go to jail if this was not your first charge
  • Receive points on your license

That is why your first move when you are facing speeding charges should be to contact me, criminal defense attorney Luigi Vigliotti. If you come to my law firm in Garden City, New York, I can inform you of your legal rights and help you determine the best way to proceed.

Talk To A Lawyer Before Agreeing To Pay Any Speeding Ticket

Many people are tempted to either pay a speeding ticket or plead guilty to any misdemeanor traffic charges in an effort to put the episode behind them. Law enforcement counts on this. Police in New York also take advantage of vague reckless driving laws to make arrests when they may not be necessary.

As a former New York State prosecutor and former traffic prosecutor at 16 Cooper Street, I can help you mount a strong defense that can help you stay behind the wheel.

Drivers on Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties), New York City and Upstate who are fighting a speeding ticket can count on me to aggressively and competently advocate in their corner. I understand that every case is unique, and I will help you seek an outcome that meets your needs and protects your interests.

Contact My Office To Protect Your Rights

If you contact my office for a consultation, you may find out that you have more options than you think. Call the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., at 516-385-2940 or 631-861-0000 to learn more about how I may be able to help.