FORMER PROSECUTOR with over 20 plus years of experience. Luigi has handled thousands of drug cases as both a NYS Prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney.  He has handled virtually every kind of drug case imaginable including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, phencyclidine piperidine (PCP), alprazolam (xanax), ketamine (special K), oxycodone, oxycontin, THC, illegal edibles and many more.   

Like every kind of case, drug cases are extremely nuanced and require an intimate knowledge of the relevant issues.  An attorney needs to understand how to read drug laboratory tests for one.  In addition to that, because drugs are often found during a search and seizure, it is imperative that a lawyer understand the Fourth Amendment search and seizure rules, how pretrial suppression hearings work, how to write and argue motions to suppress and dismiss evidence in case prosecutors will not consent to hearings and how to create a reasonable doubt if cases go to trial.

Luigi has had tons of drug cases dismissed or significantly reduced so that the client does not receive a criminal record.  In many instances, drugs can be thrown out because of a bad search that violates a client’s Constitutional rights.  In other cases, the facts are such that we can convince prosecutors that their evidence isn’t strong and get a significant reduction so that the client does not end up with a criminal record.  Whatever the strategy is, drug cases can have a significant impact on your freedom, career, family life and reputation.

Clients should feel confident that while plea bargaining of a case is always the first strategy to resolve a matter, if clients wish to fight their cases by not pleading guilty, Luigi has the ability, expertise and experience of litigating both Misdemeanor and Felony drug cases with a high rate of success.

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In the State of New York, a person can be charged with any number of cases that fall under the umbrella of drugs.  The penalties for drug cases depend on a number of factors.  Drug traffickers typically are treated much more harshly by prosecutors than those who have drug addictions and are charged with possession of drugs.  Those with drug addictions may be eligible for certain drug programs including drug court that may be more therapeutic in nature and less punitive.



While the above penalties do not represent every drug case that we handle, these are some of the more common drug charges and some of the penalties that may be imposed. In many cases, we can AVOID JAIL AND A CRIMINAL CONVICTION.   

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Why You Should Choose Us to Help You Defend Your Drug Case

First, we have extensive experience navigating the Domestic Violence minefield.  Luigi has handled thousands of Drug cases as both a prosecutor and as a Drug charge defense attorney and is a master negotiator.  He can pick apart most drug cases by finding mistakes that the police made during their investigation.   Often, drug cases stand or fall on whether a search was constitutional.  If the search is questionable, drugs may either be thrown out or prosecutors fearing that their evidence will be lost may offer significant reduction of charges to avoid an outright loss of the case.  Luigi is highly skilled at cross examining police officers in drug cases as well as scientific witnesses who test drugs in favor of the prosecution.

Second, not every lawyer who handles drug cases is an experienced trial lawyer. Any lawyer can walk into court and plead you guilty.  The reason you hire an experienced drug charge lawyer is because if plea negotiations break down, you want someone who has intimate knowledge of how to attack drug cases and can successfully go to trial and win.  Trial lawyers are highly specialized in trial advocacy.  Luigi has extensive experience in drug trials and litigation and has won many drug cases for his clients.

Lastly, we give personalized attention to each of our clients.  Whenever someone is arrested and charged with a crime, it can be psychologically and emotionally devastating.   

Luigi is in constant contact with his clients and explains the legal process to them and is with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  Many clients refer their family and friends to us because they not only received a great result in their case, but also because Luigi made them feel like they mattered.

If you or a loved one is in trouble, call us 24 hours a day.  We are here to fight for you.


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