Here in New York, as in most states, when a loaded weapon is used in commission of an alleged crime, the penalties for a conviction can become much more severe. A seemingly minor crime could lead to years in prison and have many other effects on your life. Even simply being caught with a loaded weapon could lead to serious felony charges. At my law firm, the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., located in Garden City, New York, I fight for people throughout Long Island, New York City and Upstate who are facing weapons charges. Contact me if you are facing charges such as:

  • Illegal possession of a loaded weapon
  • Armed robbery
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Attempted murder

New York Has Strict Weapons Laws, I Can Help You Fight Them

Here in New York, if you are caught with a loaded weapon, you could face serious felony charges. A conviction on these charges could mean spending several years in prison. As many are aware due to several professional athletes running afoul of these laws, prosecutors take them seriously. However, you may have several defenses to these charges.

Even if you are a responsible gun owner, a conviction could mean, among other things, never being able to own a gun again, loss of employment and having a permanent criminal record.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney and former New York State prosecutor, I know what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome to serious charges like these. I will conduct a thorough investigation, consult with experts and interview witnesses to find weaknesses in the charges against you. This could lead to your charges being reduced or dismissed.

Do Not Delay When Your Freedom Is At Stake

Answering questions or waiting to talk to a lawyer could mean the difference in a successful resolution of your case. My law firm, the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help. Contact me today at 516-385-2940 or 631-861-0000 to speak with an experienced lawyer.