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I represented a man who was charged with multiple grand larcenies in Nassau and Suffolk.  The DA started with 9 months jail.  Ultimately, the DA’s office and the Judge agreed to 30 days jail.  That’s a win every day of the week!

I represented a client in Nassau County who was charged with a violent felony for stabbing his girlfriend.  After reviewing the evidence against him, I refused to allow him to plead to a crime despite his extensive criminal history and was able to convince the prosecutor to offer him disorderly conduct which is not even...

Client in Nassau County charged with possession of three pounds of marijuana.  Client received an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.  That means that if he stays out of trouble for six months, the case will be dismissed.

I represented a client who warranted for 3 years and failed to complete all of the terms of his plea.  The previous judge wanted to incarcerate him.  I was able to have the warrant vacated and to have no jail.  The client and his mother were ecstatic and so was I.

Domestic violence case in Nassau County was dismissed on speedy trial grounds. While it’s not a win on the merits, it’s still a win.

Domestic violence case in Suffolk County dismissed on speedy trial grounds. Even after the DA’s office offered an adjournment  in contemplation of dismissal, we said no and they opposed my written motion. I knew I was right and the judge agreed. Case dismissed.

I represented a woman in suffolk county in a domestic violence case where she couldn’t see her kids because of an order of protection. I submitted a motion to dismiss and the DA’s office agreed to adjourn the case for one year at which time the matter will be dismissed. And even better, the order...

Client is a Chilean national who is alleged to be part of a Latin American burglary ring in Nassau County.  Top charge was a D Felony.  I could have beaten this case trial but the client wanted the case to be over.  She pled guilty to disorderly conduct which is not a crime.  It’s the...

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